How we work with you:

  • We thoroughly screen all candidates to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of qualifications, experience and character of the person you are hiring.
  • We only introduce outstanding candidates to you if we feel that they are compatible with your organisation. This means you may be interviewing them before your competitor does.
  • We work professionally and ethically at all times.
  • We maintain a constant presence on medical job boards and consistently discover good candidates.

What we provide:

  • Quick, effective and quality contractor and temp service.
  • Expertise in advertising that attracts leaders in the medical industry.
  • Quality assurance that our candidates are of the highest standard every time.
  • A personal approach to ensuring that we place the right person in your organisation.

What we specialise in:

  • JWH has a proven locum, permanent and temp service with an excellent database of talent across all divisions.
  • JWH is a specialist in recruitment to Australian, New Zealand, UK and Irish medical organisations and hospitals.
  • JWH specialises in finding the best overseas medical practitioners to work in Australia.